• Feb-2015: Maestro software and Astrometric Telescope Control System controller firmware upgrade.

Astrometric Instruments
is a provider of premier Telescope Control Systems. We have been designing and manufacturing custom telescope control systems for more than 10 years. In 1995 we introduced our SkyWalker1 system for use on larger telescopes. The latest version of SkyWalker1 provides unequaled capabilities for custom installations.

Since early 1999 we have offered turn-key control system kits for commercial telescope mounts. Until recently, our kits included the popular SkyWalker2 telescope and accessory controller. We are now pleased to introduce the SkyWalker-Servo telescope and accessory controller for Losmandy and Celestron CI700 mounts.

SkyWalker-Servo is the result of years of telescope control system development. The design integrates DC servo motors (including high resolution optical encoder positioning), advanced control system electronics and high precision gear reduction into a compact "drive unit" design that eliminates extra electronic enclosures and cabling; vastly simplifying installation, transport, reliability and use.

All SkyWalker systems include the following features:
(many more are detailed in our products pages)

Stand-alone or Windows95/98/ME-based operation

High slew rate (ex. 6.5°/sec on Losmandy's G-11 telescope mount)

Smooth and Precise tracking

Versatile hand paddle control

Accessory control (electric focuser, dew heaters, illuminated reticle, etc.)

Low power 12V operation

With a Windows95/98/ME PC the following additional features are standard:

GOTO Capability
Interface to popular planetarium software packages
Optical encoder feedback allowing full manual movement
PC joystick interface
Supports polar and Alt/Az mounts
Accommodates numerous mount types and limits of motion

Software upgrades are available at no charge from our support page.

Exclusive use of quality "extended temperature range" components.

All of our products carry a 1 year transferable limited warranty.

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