News update: 19-Feb-2015

Version 3.00.000 of ATCS firmware (for the S-Box) and ATCS' Microsoft Windows client software (Maestro) are available from our upgrades page.

News update: 12-May-2010

S-Box: New S-Box firmware and a new version of SkyWalker's Microsoft Windows client software (Maestro) are available from our upgrades page.

News update: 15-February-2005

S-Box: The S-Box is now shipping in volume. This marks the end of our beta-testing phase for the S-Box and over 2 years of intense development work at Astrometric Instruments.

The S-Box provides the telescope control system "smarts" and allows for stand-alone (i.e. sans-PC) operation. The S-Box also brings support for all versions of Microsoft Windows to the SkyWalker system (using SkyGuide's replacement: our new Maestro telescope control system software).

Check our page on Smart-SkyWalker functional status for more information.

Stay tuned to the SkyWalker Yahoo! users group for late breaking details on this exciting development.

New products nearing release:

Last updated 15-February-2005

We are working in earnest on several new and exciting projects. In particular, integrating our "smart" SkyWalker technology (first released in the S-Box) directly into ATCS controllers. This is afforded by the implementation of smart-SkyWalker functionality in our new Universal Telescope Controller (UTC) module that drops-in to all new hardware automatically providing the smart-SkyWalker functionality. The UTC is the brain in the S-Box as well.

New software and firmware:

Please visit our upgrades page for information on the latest software and firmware.

Beta test status:

No products are presently in beta test .

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