Handpaddle Features:

Direction control buttons

  - Provides control of telescope position and many other items (ex. focus motor, dome rotation, back-lit brightness, dew heater current) when used with other HP1 buttons.

  - Large (for gloved hands)

  - Backlit (to eliminate fumbling in the dark)

  - Directions can be mirrored and/or inverted to compensate for optical path.

Selection of Track rate, four Pan/Correction rates or Slew rate

Three assignable keys, which can be individually programmed to provide one of many functions:

  - Invert swaps the polarity of the Up and Down Direction control buttons.

  - Mirror swaps the polarity of the Left and Right Direction control buttons.

  - Turn off tracking, causing the telescope to drift with the rotation of the earth.

  - Control the general purpose HighDrive outputs in a variety of behaviors

    o Toggle
    o Momentary
    o OneShot
    o PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for dew heaters and illuminated reticle "blinking".

  - Anchor moves the telescope back to the coordinate at which the last direction key was released.

  - Hunt starts a square spiral search pattern.

  - Wobble starts a slow telescope back and forward motion. Useful when observing dim objects.

  - Mark present position for subsequent "Return" command.

  - Return to previously "Marked" position.

  - LastGoTo returns to the last commanded GoTo destination.

  - CalFromEncoders updates current position, based on axial encoder position.

  - TimeStamp accurately records present time and "delta" from last TimeStamp.

Brightness of backlit buttons and indicators are adjustable.

Built-in LED flashlight

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