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For custom installations we can advise in the selection of components and assist in adapting our hardware to virtually any telescope mount.

Contact us so that we can assist in the purchase of our products.

Control System Components
SkyWalker1 and HP1 handpaddle
Telescope Motor and Accessory Controller,
requires external motor drivers.
Includes S-Box and system configuration consulting.
3 weeks
Maestro and ATCS firmware upgrade
Upgrades system to 3.00.000 functionality. Details here: Readme3_00_000.html
Purchase license to the right -->
We will email the license code (during USA - Eastern time office hours).
Download from the link to the right and then install/run the software. Functionality is limited until a valid license is entered.
Any S-Boxes that are used as spares, on one telescope system, will not require extra license expenditure. Contact us if this is the case.
$100 to purchase license (no charge for systems purchased since Feb-2014)

Email (for license)...
S-Box serial number...
Download now!
Smart-SkyWalker accessory.

2 weeks
Additional HP1 handpaddle
2 weeks
SkyWalker coiled PC (RS232) communications cable, 14 ft.
Connects between SkyWalker and 9 pin PC Comm. port.
1 week
SkyWalker PC (RS232) communications cable, straight up to 50 ft.
Connects between SkyWalker and 9 pin PC Comm. port.
1 week
SkyWalker fused power cable, 6 ft. with flying leads.
1 week
SkyWalker power cable, 6 ft. with fused cigarette lighter plug. $30 1 week

Telescope Control Systems

SkyWalker-Servo retrofit kit for Losmandy G-11, GM-8 and HGM-200. Includes:
  • SkyWalker-Servo control system (composed of RA and Dec Servo Drive Units)
  • HP1 handpaddle
  • Bracket for handpaddle (replaces Losmandy Model 492 control box)
  • SkyGuide for Windows software
  • Power cord
  • PC (RS232) Communications cable

Presently unavailable

SkyWalker-Servo retrofit kit for Celestron CI700. Includes same items as Losmandy retrofit kit plus extra hardware to attach to CI700. Also includes extra gear "index" sensor to allow permanent PEC on the CI700's 8-minute period worm.

Presently unavailable

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All our products carry a 1 year limited transferable warranty.

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