Astrometric Instruments provides two types of telescope control systems which can each work stand-alone or as highly capable systems running our SkyGuide-Win Telescope System Control Software. SkyGuide-Win is included with all systems.

SkyWalker-Servo is a fully integrated telescope control system retrofit kit for standard telescopes mounts. We currently provide kits for the Losmandy G-11/GM-8/HGM-200 and Celestron CI700 telescope mounts.

is a telescope motor and accessory controller for custom installations. SkyWalker1 uses external motor drivers; available from Astrometric and many 3rd-party vendors. SkyWalker1 is fully configurable for all types of telescope systems.
SkyWalker1 is also available pre packaged with DC servomotors, servo drivers, power supplies and all necessary cabling as our integrated SkyWalker1i telescope control system.
Modified Telrad for tangle-free connection to, and versatile control of, common telescope accessories.

• Information on our older
SkyWalker2 product can be found in the following archive.

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