Windows Astronomical Resource Protocol

The Windows Astronomical Resource Protocol (WARP) is a standard that defines a straight-forward mechanism for convenient communications between "client" astronomy software (e.g. planetarium software, observer assistant software: referred to as "Client" in this document) and "resource provider" software (e.g. telescope control, CCD camera control software: referred to as the "Provider" in this document) running under windows on the same PC.

From this web page all the material necessary to write a WARP Client is available. If you are interested in writing a WARP Provider please contact Astrometric Instruments for more information.

WARP version 1.10.000 is now available. We owe many thanks to those that have used previous versions of WARP since the Fall of 2000.

The following should provide all the material necessary to write a WARP Client application and connect it with Maestro or SkyGuide (both WARP Provider applications):

Please contact us if you would like any additional Client WARP functionality: we look forward to further input.

Last revised 11-December-2004
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