Astrometric Telescope Control System documentation

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Public documents

Introduction to the Astrometric Telescope Control System:
S_BoxIntro.pdf For conversion of ATCS2 or ATCS3 SkyWalkers to ATCS4 using Astrometric's S-Box accessory updated 06-Dec-2005, 10 pages
IntroSW1i.pdf SkyWalker1i for custom mounts updated 16-Oct-2002, 12 pages
IntroG11_GM8_HGM200.pdf SkyWalker-Servo for Losmandy mounts updated 22-Jul-2002, 13 pages
IntroCI700.pdf SkyWalker-Servo for Celestron CI700 mount updated 17-Jul-2002, 14 pages

SkyWalker Client Interface Specification and Programming Guide:
SW_Client.pdf Describes how to program software to interface to ATCS4 SkyWalkers via serial connection to their "Com" port, updated 07-Jan-2006, 34 pages.

Note: please visit our ATCL resource page for further information on the Astrometric Telescope Control Language (ATCL). ATCL is the preferred protocol for interfacing to ATCS4 SkyWalkers and is described in detail in the SW_Client.pdf document.

Private (password protected) documents

If you are a registered Astrometric Customer, send us an email at
to get the username and password for private documents.

Astrometric Telescope Control System User's Manual:
Applies to PTCS controllers and SkyWalkers that have been upgraded with the S-Box accessory...
ATCS_20150218.pdf Updated 18-Feb-2015, 174 pages

Includes documentation on using Maestro (Astrometric's ATCS interface program for Windows-based PCs) with SkyWalker/S-Box or PTCS controllers

SkyWalker-Servo Owner's Manual
SWS.pdf Updated 8-Oct-2002, 27 pages

SkyWalker1 Owner's Manual
SW1.pdf Updated 8-Oct-2002, 27 pages

Modified TelRAD User's Manual
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SkyGuide User's Manual
The following documentation is for our older SkyGuide telescope control system software (Windows 95, 98 & ME) for ATCS2 and ATCS3 SkyWalkers. SkyGuide has been superceeded by Maestro for control of ATCS4 SkyWalkers from a Windows-based PC.
SG.pdf Updated 7-Oct-2002, 161 pages

SkyWalker1 and SkyWalker2 Hardware Manual
The following contains hardware information for our older SkyWalker2 product. Functionality
for SkyWalker2 is identical to SkyWaker1 and is described in the "SkyWalker1 Owner's Manual". Hardware information for SkyWalker1 is superceded by information
in the "SkyWalker1 Owner's Manual".
Sw_hw_man.pdf Updated 28-Nov-2000, 23 pages



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