Software Upgrade Policy and Download Area

As we add functions and features to the Astrometric Telescope Control System (ATCS) product family we will continue to make the improvements available at little or no cost to our customers. Most of these upgrades involve the simple task of downloading an upgrade app (linked below) that, when run, upgrades the ATCS controller (e.g., S-Box) firmware and or our PC-based software (e.g., Maestro).

Note: prior to installation be sure you have the 8-character software license code associated with your ATCS controller serial number. Major versions starting with 3.00.000 require a purchased license to upgrade from older version. Contact Astrometric support or visit our on-line store if you need a license.

From this page we provide present and past software versions. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the current version, however older versions are maintained in case they are required.

The new features of each version are detailed in the release notes linked below.

NOTE: Carefully read the
Software License. By downloading any files from Astrometric Instruments, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY FILES.

Upgrade Policy:

Registered customers will be notified by e-mail when a significant upgrade is available.
Upgrades are down-loadable from this web page. There is no password necessary to download and install the upgrade however, as detailed above, a Software License Code may be necessary to use the software.
Customers who prefer software upgrades on "hard media" can simply contact us and request the upgrade on CD-ROM. Astrometric will only charge for the cost of materials, shipping and handling, typically less then $15 in the U.S. and Canada.

Maestro PC-based ATCS interface (client) software:

Note: The latest version of Maestro runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP forward (does not run on Windows 2000, ME, 98 or 95).

Simply run the installation "exe" file linked below to install or upgrade Maestro. The ATCS firmware will be automatically upgraded by Maestro upon its first connection to the controller.

Version Release Date Release Notes Installation File
3.00.000 18-Feb-2015 Readme3_00_000.html MaestroSetup3_00_000.exe
0.29.052 12-May-2010 Readme0_29_052.html MaestroSetup0_29_052.exe

Maestro communicates with the ATCS controller via the Astrometric Telescope Control Language (ATCL). ATCL is typically communicated over serial link (e.g. RS232 or USB) to controller's Client interface port (labeled "Com"). ATCL provides a very rich syntax for telescope control. Astrometric Instruments, Inc. encourages independent software developers to provide an ATCL interface to their software. Complete details can be found at our Astrometric Telescope Control Language page.

Additional PC-based software for use with Maestro:

Maestro supports the ASCOM (Astronomy Component Object Model) and WARP (Windows Astronomical Resource Protocol) standards for interfacing to other software on the same or different PCs. More information on Maestro's ASCOM support is available here. More information on Maestro's WARP support is available here.

Maestro supports Software Bisque's X2 interface for TheSkyX. When Maestro is installed, the X2 support files that are specific to Maestro are installed if the installer detects that TheSkyX is installed.

Maestro also supports Software Bisque's TeleAPI.dll interface. When Maestro is installed, a version of the TeleAPI.dll Bisque "interface" file that is specific to Maestro is installed in the \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System folder on your harddisk. If TheSky is re-installed at a later date it will over-write this file with a version that is not compatible with Maestro. You can either re-install Maestro or directly copy the TeleAPI.dll file from here to the \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System folder on your harddisk.

ATCS Controller Firmware Upgrades:

NOTE: There is no need to separately download and upgrade the ATCS controller's firmware since the latest Maestro installation installs the latest firmware. If for some reason there is a problem please contact Astrometric support.

Even though Maestro doesn't directly support it, it is possible to move backwards to an older version of firmware. Please refer to the FAQ item entitled "How to backwards-upgrade SkyWalker's firmware to an older version" for instructions.

If for some reason you do not have, or do not wish to have, Maestro installed on your PC you can use Astrometric's dedicated Microsoft Windows- based firmware upgrade utility SW_Firmup as described in our FAQ item entitled "Using SW_Firmup, as a Maestro alternative, to upgrade SkyWalker's firmware" for instructions.

SkyGuide-Win Upgrades:

The latest version of SkyGuide-Win is provided for users of non-upgraded legacy (i.e. pre-2004) SkyWalker systems. SkyGuide-Win will only run under Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or ME.

NOTE: Legacy (i.e. pre-2004) SkyWalker systems can be upgraded to full and complete current functionality with the S-Box accessory. The S-Box allows for SkyWalker control from all versions of Microsoft Windows (using our Maestro software). The S-Box also allows for stand-alone operation (i.e. without an attached PC).

NOTE: The following contain program files and release notes only: installation instructions are provided with the control system shipment and/or with e-mail upgrade notifications.

Release Date SkyWalker Firmware Version Field Test Releases Formal Releases
28-Feb-2003 All   2.10.002. View release notes.

SkyGuide also supports Software Bisque's TeleAPI.dll interface. When SkyGuide is installed, a version of the TeleAPI.dll Bisque "interface" file that is specific to SkyGuide is installed in the \Program Files\Common Files\System folder on your harddisk. If TheSky is reinstalled at a later date it will over-write this file with a version that is not compatible with SkyGuide. You can either reinstall SkyGuide or directly copy the TeleAPI.dll file from here to the \Program Files\Common Files\System folder on your harddisk.

Alignment Star Database:

A sky database file for TheSky that shows SkyWalker's alignment stars is available (thanks to David Landis). Follow these instructions to install so that you can see the alignment stars labeled in TheSky:


Download SW_BrightStars.SDB and SW_BrightStars.txt into the "Software Bisque\Program Files\TheSky\User\SDBs" folder on your hard drive.


In TheSky: go to the Data menu and select "Import".


Click the Browse button and find/select the SW_BrightStars.txt file.


Select data class: "Labels" and object type: "Star" from the import dialog box.


Click compile and TheSky should add 80 items.


If the star labels are not visible then go to the View menu, select "Labels", then "Setup..." and make sure that the check box next to "Stars" is checked on the "Common Names" tab.

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